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Contractor Magazine Highlights Saniflo Plumbing Donation to Kansas Non-Profit

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This month’s issue of Contractor magazine took a special look at the Saniflo SANIBEST above-floor plumbing system, which proved to be the perfect solution for a very expensive drainage dilemma facing a Kansas non-profit.

Earlier this year, manufacturing engineer Thomas Tittel bought a large ranch home to house an innovative addiction recovery program. Unfortunately he only found out later that the home lacked the proper plumbing necessary to accommodate the 10 planned renters from Oxford House, a transitional housing program for recovering alcoholics and addicts.

A basement bathroom had been roughed in, but it would have cost Tittel $2,500 to install the necessary sewage ejector pit and pump to be sure that the water flowed properly. A solution to this costly problem was proposed by a local plumbing rep, Brett Bartlik, who recommended the Saniflo SANIBEST heavy-duty grinding system.

Above-floor grinding and macerating systems like the SANIBEST allow homeowners to install a bathroom virtually anywhere without breaking through the floors, which is particularly helpful when dealing with a concrete basement floor. Rather than routing waste and water down through a floor drain, the Saniflo macerating systems pump effluent up through a narrow discharge line to a soil stack or septic tank. The SANIBEST system was installed in the house’s basement in just three hours. Local Saniflo reps arranged to donate the system to Oxford House in support of their work in the community, but if Tittel had paid for the SANIBEST, he would’ve spent less than half the cost of installing a traditional drainage system.

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PHC News Highlights American Standard, Exclusive Plumbing Supplier to State of the Art Hospital

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This month’s issue of PHC News magazine featured Nemours Children’s Hospital, which represents a new class of pediatric care that places a premium on patient family comfort, convenience the ability to “feel like home.”













Products for the new 650,000-square-foot, 95-bed hospital and children’s clinic were selected in close consultation with patient families and based on function, style and aesthetics.   Patient rooms were outfitted exclusively with American Standard toilets, tubs, faucets, and sinks.

Enhancing the patient experience was the driver behind decisions ranging from the soothing color pallet to pull-down spray faucets to make it easier for new moms to bathe their infants.a“The team’s overall goal was to provide patient areas that would be comfortable, convenient and functional, with a homey feel,” says Steve Lyon, president of Orlando Winnelson Company, the wholesale plumbing supplier for the project. “Our job was to help them achieve that. The main reason they selected American Standard over other brands is the style and aesthetics,” he says, noting the desire to stay away from an industrial look and feel.

“The look and feel of American Standard was key to the project, and we know it will translate to a good patient experience,” said George Reebals, project manager in charge of the plumbing installation.

Smart design and technology also made American Standard an obvious choice for this project. The Afwall high efficiency toilets, for example, save 30% more water than a traditional 1.6 gallons per flush model while still offering great performance. To help simplify maintenance, the toilets also feature the EverClean permanent finish that inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew on the surface. Meanwhile, newborn rooms were outfitted with Pekoe pull-down faucets to make it easy for mothers to bathe their babies using a gentle spray.

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New Product Launch Touts Productivity Gains Worthy of Henry Ford

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AMES earned media coverage in Architectural Record, Construction Dimensions, and BUILDER magazine, in addition to this feature in Walls & Ceilings. Bylined articles pitched and produced by O’Reilly-DePalma resulted in two cover stories in the two primary interior finishing trade outlets: Walls & Ceilings and Construction Dimensions magazine. O’Reilly-DePalma identified a narrow list of key influencers with whom we maintained regular contact to help achieve this tremendous success.

A new continuous finishing system from AMES Taping Tools was a featured article in the online version of The Trowel, Western Canada’s Wall & Ceiling Industry Magazine.  The article profiled how a professional finishing contractor automated a successful, 25-year practice of traditional hand-finishing, and in the process, boosted worker productivity by 300 percent.

In addition to boosting worker efficiency, the continuous flow system produced a uniform finish quality that could not be duplicated by hand. “Every finisher has a slightly different technique, but today’s automatic taping systems serve as a quality control system – so that every joint, every inside corner is identical to the next – even in direct sunlight that shows every defect,” emphasizes Tony Cruzado, co-owner of Bridgeport, Connecticut-based CGM Acoustics, Inc.

Cruzado’s tool of choice was the AMES Bazooka Continuous Flow System, which allows high-volume production drywall contractors to finish continuously without reloading.

The automated finishing system delivers up to 1½ gallons per minute, or roughly twice as much as standard pumps that are not specifically engineered for thicker compounds. Moreover, it eliminates the need to constantly stop and reload, thereby reducing worker fatigue so contractors can spend more time finishing.

For CGM, the ability to finish uninterrupted was an irresistible competitive advantage. “The automatic taper doubled our output,” explains Cruzado. “But multiplying the efficiencies of the automatic taper with an endless supply of mud – that’s just a home run all around.”

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The Long and Winding Road to the Sewer

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Mechanical Contractor Al Warren overcame the lack of drainage and long sewer line in a historic  19th century industrial building by using an innovative system from SFA Saniflo to pump and process waste without digging.

The project’s challenge was to tie the 1897 plumbing system into the municipal sanitary sewer system.  Making matters worse, contamination was found nearly everywhere, so digging to install new sewer lines and plumbing wasn’t possible either. Plus, the Remington Rand building is 950 feet long – more than three football fields – so the project needed a solution for moving plumbing waste across this expanse plus another 100 feet or so beyond its walls to the sewer main.

The result was the installation of five duplex grinders, positioned at intervals on the ground floor, along the length of the building. This created a “stair effect” that achieved the right pitch in the pipe to accommodate the extreme length of the sewer line.
The duplex grinders are installed right on the floor – there is no need to dig. They can handle waste matter from multiple plumbing fixtures, without storing sewage, as sewage ejectors do. Each one pumps effluent up through small diameter pipe into the main and out to the sewer. They work in concert, handling cumulative waste for the entire two-story building.

O’Reilly-DePalma developed the case study, and ultimately attracted newspaper coverage.The case study was featured in the CT Middletown Press, garnering favorable earned exclusive coverage for our client, SFA Saniflo.


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