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Engagement Through Bacon: Using Social Media to Crowdsource Special Events

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If you enlist and empower community, you’re never alone


It started with a few comments about kitchen appliances during #KBTribeChat. One interior design blogger challenged another to a cookoff. And a grand idea was born for the 2012 Dwell on Design show.

O’Reilly-DePalma sister agency, Flying Camel, recruited the two challengers to a real cookoff in the Capital Ranges booth. From there, the very talented Leanne Wood Newman also recruiting support teams to create two teams of three. Two teams of design and food bloggers and twitter personalities are participating in the event.

On one team is San Diego Designer Brandon Smith, Stacy Garcia, Owner of Garcia Cabinetmakers in Huntington Beach, and Paul Buchanan, chef and owner of Primal Alchemy Catering in Long Beach, specializing in local, seasonal and sustainable cuisine.

Their “opponents ” include Rebecca Reynolds, Owner of Culinary Kitchen Design in Greenwich, CT, Lori Gilder, Interior Designer, Principal of Interior Makeovers in Beverly Hills, and Jennie Cook, local food advocate and blogger, owner of Plant Based Parties/Vegan Events in Los Angeles. Leanne developed the cookoff ingredients, with a focus on those terrific community builders of chocolate and bacon.

American Standard supplied a working sink and kitchen faucet to facilitate the action.  The designers were able to talk about their experiences cooking with Capital and washing up with American Standard.

The conversations started in earnest on Twitter and Facebook groups three weeks before the event,  ultimately generating more than 3 million impressions for the participating brands, along with conversational lift on Facebook.  Both brands increased their social following and positive key messages, and the one-hour cookoff attracted more than 50 spectators to the Capital booth. The high-visibility helped American Standard catch the attention of Dwell editors, opening the door to future coverage.


The social era is about connecting and collaborating. Not just conversations, but actual ideas and actually collaborating among designers, brands and marketers.


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Design Blogger Relations: Harnessing the Power of Micro Communities

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The more time you spend on social media, the more you yearn to go IRL with the people you meet.

Creating a positive In Real Life event among design bloggers is a smart way to significantly sway brand preference, benefiting from the halo effect of the positive emotions associated with enjoying good times with good friends.

Great shot of everyone: Laurie Burke, Rich Holschuh, Saxon Henry, Andie Day, Paul Anatar, J.B. Bartkowiak

It’s not a radically new model for the industry: trade associations, trade shows, annual conferences and hospitality suites have filled this role for years.

What’s changed are new ad hoc communities, arising from social-media-powered networking on Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social platforms.

Not to mention the beautifully created and thoughtfully written blogs by building and architectural professionals that attract highly relevant audiences for industry brands.

O’Reilly-DePalma collaborated with American Standard to host six influential design bloggers who used social media and blogging to create communities of designers online. Read about their experiences: Shower Power - Roaming by Design

Andie Day had a complete turnaround in her view of the brand. She later specified Porcher while submitting a design bid for a boutique hotel job, after realizing that the small space Solutions collection was the ideal solution to the space challenges. That’s a quantifiable return on relationship.

JB Bartkowiak continues his relationship with American Standard more than a year later, finding mutually beneficial partnerships in collaboration with company internal marketing teams (click to enlarge).

Click any image below to start the slide show from the American Standard Design Blogger Event to New York City.

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Facebook Contest Grows Followers

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Investing in a contest can be a good strategy for attracting a core audience to your social properties.

O’Reilly-DePalma client American Standard tripled its Facebook fan base leveraging a well-loved annual contest where homeowners can win a complete bathroom makeover. We moved the contest administration to Facebook, using the Wildfire contest platform.   We leveraged existing assets the client owned to keep costs low in creating visuals:

We promoted the contest with no paid media: the news was shared socially exclusively.

Results: Increased Facebook fan base three fold.Top four vote getters got more than 2,700 people to vote and many left comments.
Acquired 400 new newsletter subscribers.
Final before/after published on “Ask the Builder” website

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