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Grundfos Holds Executive News Briefing to Launch New Product

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Danish pump manufacturer Grundfos unveiled the world’s most energy-efficient circulator at an executive news briefing held January 28 at the International Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigerating Exposition (AHR-EXPO) in Dallas.   View a video of the event here.

The news briefing attracted more than 17 editors representing 19 trade publications, which resulted in significant media coverage, including the front page of the trade show’s daily newspaper.

“We truly believe the MAGNA3 will define the industry,” Grundfos president Dennis Wierzbicki said. It offers greater efficiency, reliability, flexibility and more functionality.”

Following the public launch, O’Reilly-DePalma coordinated seven one-on-one media interviews with senior leadership, so that each editor could have private access to top management, as well as a personalized introduction to the new product.

Jes Munk Hansen, president of Grundfos North America, opened the morning press conference by noting, “Today we will be introducing much more than a product; we are introducing technology that will set new standards for the entire pump industry and meet the market’s demands for efficiency, intelligence and sustainability.”

In fact, the new MAGNA3 will consume 20 to 40 percent less energy than most models in the current MAGNA line, already a best-in-class, high-efficiency circulator.

O’Reilly-DePalma coordinated the executive news briefing as well as one-on-one media interviews with senior company leadership.

Grundfos is the only manufacturer to offer a variable-speed, electronically commutated motor (ECM)-based circulator that uses an integrated logic algorithm to “learn” the varying energy-usage patterns of an application over time, enabling the software to automatically determine the lowest possible operating efficiency point to meet ever-changing demand.

By continuously fine-tuning power consumption and flow rates to meet the dynamic needs of the system, this AUTOADAPT function saves both energy and money.

The AUTOADAPT function is so powerful that eight out of every 10 installations can rely on this feature to automatically select the optimal setting, with no additional human intervention. For the installer, that simply means plug and play and walk away.

Grundfos has dramatically improved the pump’s range by increasing the maximum head to almost 60 feet and the maximum flow to approximately 570 gallons per minute. And with more than 35 single and twin circulators in cast iron or stainless steel, MAGNA3 is the solution for a wide range of commercial and domestic application: heating, cooling and air-conditioning, domestic hot water, ground source heat pump, and solar heating.

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International Builders’ Show and Kitchen & Bath Industry Show to Co-Locate

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National Association of Home Builders
Update: See the earned coverage in the Wall Street Journal.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) today announced an agreement to co-locate the International Builders’ Show (IBS) and the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas beginning in February 2014.The two events will remain separate and distinct shows held simultaneously at the Las Vegas Convention Center through 2016, creating Design and Construction Week, one of the world’s largest gatherings focused on new ideas, products and technologies to design, build and remodel homes.

National Kitchen and Bath Association

The new mega-event will be held Feb. 4-6, 2014 in Las Vegas, with each show occupying a separate hall. Kitchen and bath brands that have participated in both shows can choose to exhibit in the KBIS or IBS hall. One pass will provide access to both exhibits. NKBA and NAHB will continue to produce separate educational programming and special events.

Design and Construction Week 2014 is expected to draw more than 75,000 specifiers, builders, dealers and suppliers and 2,000 exhibiting brands, based on recent trends for both shows.

For more information on this announcement view the complete press release or email us.

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Contractor Magazine Highlights Saniflo Plumbing Donation to Kansas Non-Profit

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This month’s issue of Contractor magazine took a special look at the Saniflo SANIBEST above-floor plumbing system, which proved to be the perfect solution for a very expensive drainage dilemma facing a Kansas non-profit.

Earlier this year, manufacturing engineer Thomas Tittel bought a large ranch home to house an innovative addiction recovery program. Unfortunately he only found out later that the home lacked the proper plumbing necessary to accommodate the 10 planned renters from Oxford House, a transitional housing program for recovering alcoholics and addicts.

A basement bathroom had been roughed in, but it would have cost Tittel $2,500 to install the necessary sewage ejector pit and pump to be sure that the water flowed properly. A solution to this costly problem was proposed by a local plumbing rep, Brett Bartlik, who recommended the Saniflo SANIBEST heavy-duty grinding system.

Above-floor grinding and macerating systems like the SANIBEST allow homeowners to install a bathroom virtually anywhere without breaking through the floors, which is particularly helpful when dealing with a concrete basement floor. Rather than routing waste and water down through a floor drain, the Saniflo macerating systems pump effluent up through a narrow discharge line to a soil stack or septic tank. The SANIBEST system was installed in the house’s basement in just three hours. Local Saniflo reps arranged to donate the system to Oxford House in support of their work in the community, but if Tittel had paid for the SANIBEST, he would’ve spent less than half the cost of installing a traditional drainage system.

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Case Study: Outdoor Cleaner Preserves National Historic Landmark

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This amazing transformation demonstrates the results from one application of Wet & Forget outdoor cleaner. No scrubbing or powerwashing was needed: Wet & Forget did all the work over three months.

The amazing results with the environmentally gentle, bleach-free Wet & Forget, a scrub-free exterior stain remover, have rung a bell with Environmental Design + Construction magazine. ED+C recently featured a case study developed by O’Reilly-DePalma that  shows how Wet & Forget helped restore the fragile tile roof of an 80 year old bell tower in Bok Tower Gardens, a National Historic Landmark located in Lake Wales, Florida.

The size of the roof - a sprawling 50,000 square feet - combined with the delicacy of the Spanish tiles, which could be damaged by traditional pressure washing, made the restoration of the roof particularly challenging. In just one application, Wet & Forget achieved remarkable results erasing the 11 years of mildew accumulation, without scrubbing and with significantly smaller water use compared to pressure washing.

This case study was previously published by the Cleaning Management Institute.

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Shining the Light on Innovative Kitchen Faucet Technology

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The June issue of Reeves Journal includes an article looking at the latest advances in electronic faucets. Prominently featured in the article and the accompanying photography was the ONO Touch Light PRO from KWC. The ONO Touch Light was highlighted for its water saving abilities – once activated, the flow of water stops automatically after about 10 seconds – and for its color-coded light system that can help prevent accidental scaldings.

The KWC ONO Touch Light PRO allows the user to control volume and temperature remotely with a simple touch. Touch once to begin a stream of cold water, twice for the warm setting and three times for the pre-designated hot temperature. The device even has a colored light ring for an immediate visual cue as to the temperature selected: blue indicates cold; orange, warm; and red, hot.

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PHC News Highlights American Standard, Exclusive Plumbing Supplier to State of the Art Hospital

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This month’s issue of PHC News magazine featured Nemours Children’s Hospital, which represents a new class of pediatric care that places a premium on patient family comfort, convenience the ability to “feel like home.”













Products for the new 650,000-square-foot, 95-bed hospital and children’s clinic were selected in close consultation with patient families and based on function, style and aesthetics.   Patient rooms were outfitted exclusively with American Standard toilets, tubs, faucets, and sinks.

Enhancing the patient experience was the driver behind decisions ranging from the soothing color pallet to pull-down spray faucets to make it easier for new moms to bathe their infants.a“The team’s overall goal was to provide patient areas that would be comfortable, convenient and functional, with a homey feel,” says Steve Lyon, president of Orlando Winnelson Company, the wholesale plumbing supplier for the project. “Our job was to help them achieve that. The main reason they selected American Standard over other brands is the style and aesthetics,” he says, noting the desire to stay away from an industrial look and feel.

“The look and feel of American Standard was key to the project, and we know it will translate to a good patient experience,” said George Reebals, project manager in charge of the plumbing installation.

Smart design and technology also made American Standard an obvious choice for this project. The Afwall high efficiency toilets, for example, save 30% more water than a traditional 1.6 gallons per flush model while still offering great performance. To help simplify maintenance, the toilets also feature the EverClean permanent finish that inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew on the surface. Meanwhile, newborn rooms were outfitted with Pekoe pull-down faucets to make it easy for mothers to bathe their babies using a gentle spray.

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[email protected] from Mr. Steam featured in KBDN

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The May issue of Kitchen & Bath Design News highlighted the new [email protected] steam generator from Mr. Steam.

Sized to fit smaller baths and smaller budgets, the new [email protected] from Mr. Steam is 20 percent more compact than regular Mr. Steam generators. Available in three different models designed for 3′x4′ tile showers, 3′x5′ tile showers, and for existing acrylic units, list prices for the generator range from $1,250 to $1,450. [email protected] units feature a 20-minute timer, polished chrome in-shower control. It also comes standard with a cool-to-the-touch AromaSteam steamhead that can hold essential oils to infuse aromatherapy into the steamroom.

This is the second time Kitchen & Bath Design News has featured this product; the [email protected] generator was also included in the April 2012 issue.

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New Product Launch Touts Productivity Gains Worthy of Henry Ford

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AMES earned media coverage in Architectural Record, Construction Dimensions, and BUILDER magazine, in addition to this feature in Walls & Ceilings. Bylined articles pitched and produced by O’Reilly-DePalma resulted in two cover stories in the two primary interior finishing trade outlets: Walls & Ceilings and Construction Dimensions magazine. O’Reilly-DePalma identified a narrow list of key influencers with whom we maintained regular contact to help achieve this tremendous success.

A new continuous finishing system from AMES Taping Tools was a featured article in the online version of The Trowel, Western Canada’s Wall & Ceiling Industry Magazine.  The article profiled how a professional finishing contractor automated a successful, 25-year practice of traditional hand-finishing, and in the process, boosted worker productivity by 300 percent.

In addition to boosting worker efficiency, the continuous flow system produced a uniform finish quality that could not be duplicated by hand. “Every finisher has a slightly different technique, but today’s automatic taping systems serve as a quality control system – so that every joint, every inside corner is identical to the next – even in direct sunlight that shows every defect,” emphasizes Tony Cruzado, co-owner of Bridgeport, Connecticut-based CGM Acoustics, Inc.

Cruzado’s tool of choice was the AMES Bazooka Continuous Flow System, which allows high-volume production drywall contractors to finish continuously without reloading.

The automated finishing system delivers up to 1½ gallons per minute, or roughly twice as much as standard pumps that are not specifically engineered for thicker compounds. Moreover, it eliminates the need to constantly stop and reload, thereby reducing worker fatigue so contractors can spend more time finishing.

For CGM, the ability to finish uninterrupted was an irresistible competitive advantage. “The automatic taper doubled our output,” explains Cruzado. “But multiplying the efficiencies of the automatic taper with an endless supply of mud – that’s just a home run all around.”

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Cleaning Management Institute Features Wet & Forget Outdoor Cleaner

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Wet & Forget, an environmentally gentle, scrub-free exterior stain remover, was recently highlighted in the monthly newsletter of Cleaning Management Institute.  The multi-purpose outdoor cleaner was featured because of the product’s role in reinvigorating Bok Tower Gardens, a National Historic Landmark located just outside Tampa,  Florida.

No one likes cleaning, but can you imagine the labor and cost necessary to clean 11 years of accumulated mold and debris from a 50,000 square-foot roof at the Landmark’s Visitors center? Facility Manager Christopher Lutton anticipated having to invest in an expensive cleaning solution, as the Center’s delicate concrete S-style Spanish roof tiles would be damaged by traditional power washing.

This amazing transformation demonstrates the results from one application of Wet & Forget outdoor cleaner. No scrubbing or power washing was needed: Wet & Forget did all the work over three months.

After conducting additional research, however, Lutton discovered Wet & Forget, a cleaner which had been used in Australia and New Zealand for the last 30 years and requires no scrubbing, rinsing or pressure washing. Lutton first conducted a test, applying Wet & Forget to a 15-foot square roof patch using a one gallon pump sprayer. He did not return to the test patch until four months later and was surprised to find the area significantly cleaner. Lutton then applied the outdoor cleaner to the entire roof, vertical walls throughout the grounds, and the river stone sidewalk as well.

Lutton particularly likes the fact that he can easily clean the roof during operating hours without disturbing visitors with the loud noise commonly associated with power washing apparatus. “Plus, the roof stays clean longer, which allows us to focus on other maintenance issues,” he explained.

To learn more about this easy way to tackle outdoor spring cleaning, view the complete press release for Wet & Forget, or visit the Wet & Forget website.

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Public Relations Success Story: Walls & Ceiling Cover Story and Bylined Feature

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The potential productivity gains offered by automatic taping and finishing tools from Ames Taping Tools are highlighted in the March 2012 cover story of Walls & Ceilings Magazine,

O’Reilly-DePalma worked with Ames to identify an unique angle from which to tell their brand story: demonstrating the efficiencies – and profits – found in the maintenance of the tools themselves.

The story was of interest to Walls & Ceilings, because the gold standard for any finisher is a clean, fully calibrated tool.  These job-ready tools maximize the contractor’s time actively finishing—and can boost productivity by up to 15 percent.  Using an average hourly labor rate of $47, this enhanced performance translates into $282 extra per worker, per week.  For a crew of three, top-quality tools can help generate an additional $44,000 in billings annually.

Read the story here.

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