Lead Generation and CRM

O’Reilly DePalma leverages our exclusive content-to-conversions and community-to-conversions sales funnel model to attract, retain and convert your best prospects to customers.

Five Reasons Why Design and Construction Industry Marketers Should Be Doing More Inbound Marketing

  1. Good content, with smart organic search optimization, can attract an audience of qualified prospects researching your product or service category.
  2. People who want to receive emails or social media engagement from you can be really valuable sales prospects…and future referrals
  3. More targeted and timely information via interesting emails and social sharing keeps you in the consideration set with customers and prospects during the long purchase process for building products.
  4. A good CRM system establishes an ROI for every marketing and sales dollar you spend.
  5. People do business with people they like. O’Reilly DePalma lead generation and nurturing strategies help your customers experience your personality.