What do we mean by ROR, a Return on Relationships™?

The building and architectural industry is a relationship-based industry. Always has been. Hard to see where it won’t always will be, because it is an industry of small businesses.

Highly fragmented, our industry is  influenced by three things:

  1. Personal relationships
  2. Trade publishers. trade associations and their trade shows
  3. NEW: Social networks.

Our industry is not like packaged goods, where you can work with a few big retailers for shelf space.

It’s actually more like pharmaceuticals, where you invest to influence the influencers.

O’Reilly-DePalma partners have relationships spanning more than 25 years. We short-circuit the process, connecting you to where it matters. Our networks reach across the entire building and architectural industry, from the most influential association events to the newest social media communities.

The return on those relationships saves our clients in time and money. That’s why we call it a Return on Relationships. Our deep industry roots keep our clients in-the-know and first-to-know about opportunities that aren’t offered to the junior account executives who work on your business at Traditional Agency X.