New Thermostatic Shower Valves Integrate Diverter, Making Shower Systems Easier to Use and Install

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New sleek and stylish two-handle thermostatic shower valves are now available from American Standard, offering built-in diverters to make shower systems easier to use, less expensive to install, and more water efficient.

The new valves are available with two-way and three-way diverters — adding to the existing one-way outlet model — making them more economical to install than conventional two-handle thermostatic shower valves that require separate diverter valves. Plus, there is no shared function between outlets — channeling water flow between showerhead, hand-held device and/or body sprays — in compliance with water-saving shower codes being adopted nationwide.

For more information on the new thermostatic shower valves from American Standard, view the press release or email us.

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