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Bathroom Remodeling: Installing a Toilet Without Tools

Posted on September 13, 2012 by Nora DePalma

Home improvement blogger Ron Hazelton recently put the ‘No Tools’ Toilet from American Standard to the test. Initially skeptical about the idea, Ron recorded his first installation of the toilet and found it easy to install using nothing more than what came in the box (although he did recommend an optional CD player as a helpful tool).

View Ron’s helpful instructional video about installing the No Tools Toilet over at his blog or visit www.americanstandard-us.comto learn more about the new line of easy to install toilets.


American Standard Blends Maximum Toilet Performance with Water Efficiency

Posted on July 20, 2012 by Nora DePalma

The heavyweight champion of toilets—and its designer cousin—are now engineered by American Standard to deliver award-winning, clog-free performance, while conserving 20 percent more water.

The new Champion 4 MAX — like its golf-ball-devouring namesake that is top-rated by the nation’s leading consumer review magazine — boasts the industry’s widest flush valve and siphon trapway, backed by the longest warranty, to reliably produce a faster, more powerful, and quieter flush.

Both toilets are designed with DIYers in mind and are available exclusively at The Home Depot.

For more information on the Champion 4 MAX and Cadet 3 Decor, view the complete press release for these new high efficiency toilets or email us.


New Kids’ Toilets Meet Texas Accessibility Standards

Posted on May 24, 2012 by Nora DePalma

With a maximum height of 12 inches to the top of the seat, the new round-front FloWise Baby Devoro kids’ toilets from American Standard meet the 2010 Texas Accessibility Standards and 2012 ADA Standards for children ages three and four. The easily accessible, 10-¼ inch low-rim height allows kids to feel more secure, and helps prevent the accidents that can occur when small children try to scramble on top of a standard height toilet, which can be as high 16 inches from the floor.

Designed to help ease the transition from kids’ potty seats to the real deal, the Baby Devoro kids’ toilets make it easier for children to be safe and comfortable in the bathroom, all while reducing water consumption.

The Baby Devoro is available as a flush-valve or two-piece model and consumes as little as 1.28 gpf — 20 percent less water than standard 1.6 gpf models.

For more information on this announcement, view the complete press release for the new Baby Devoro toilet or email us.


“Plumbers Dream” American Standard Toilets Exclusive to Trade

Posted on April 24, 2012 by Nora DePalma

Based on recommendations from more than 150 professional plumbers, American Standard has created the Champion PRO and Cadet PRO toilet series that offer distinctive features available exclusively through wholesale distribution.

Drawing largely on the quality and single-flush performance from two of the industry’s most powerful siphonic flushing platforms, the new American Standard toilets consume just 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf), while virtually eliminating clogs, noisy flushes and the dreaded overflow.

“We’ve listened to what matters most to trade professionals: performance, durability, and one-flush reliability,” said James Reinhart, senior product manager at American Standard. “The PRO series combines our best flushing platforms with professional-grade parts, offering plumbers an exclusive on a proven consumer favorite.”

For more information on this announcement, visit the complete press release for the new PRO series toilets or email us.


American Standard Commercial Dual Flush Toilet Valve Automatically Adjusts Volume

Posted on March 6, 2012 by Nora DePalma

American Standard recently updated its first generation of commercial hands-free dual flush valves to offer an even more water-efficient model. The flush valves automatically adjust water volume usage, conserving an additional 27.5 percent of water compared to a standard 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf) toilet. The new valve even saves an additional 7.5 percent compared to 1.28 gpf high efficiency toilets (HET).

The Selectronic dual flush toilet valve works by delivering a light flush of 1.1 gpf when the user is in front of the flush valve for less than 60 seconds, assuming liquid waste. Otherwise, a 1.28 gpf volume is used for a fuller flush to accommodate solid waste.

These dual flush 1.1 and 1.28 gpf valves systems have been independently rated to flush 800 grams and 1,000 grams, respectively, of solid waste in the Maximum Performance (MaP) test, an independent report of toilet bulk removal performance, while also attaining the maximum drain line carry.

For more information on this announcement, view the complete press release for this new Selectronic Commercial Dual Flush Toilet or email us.