Media Relations 101: What Journalists Wish Marketers Knew

"Unfortunately, the basic block and tackle stuff that any good PR pro should know is jaw-droppingly not happening with many of the companies we’re writing about."

So vented a journalist who covers the home building industry.


Or consider this post by Michelle Hucal, LEED AP, about the poor showing she consistently experiences from brands seeking media relations results with her publication:




Earned media results that actually drive business results requires an investment in time. The elements include:

  • Building and nuturing relationships with key journalists and influencers. 
  • Actually reading/watching what key journalists write or report about. 
  • Recasting brand messages into stories that journalists want to tell.
  • Selectively "pitching" story ideas to journalists. Exclusively. As in one at a time, one after the other. 
  • Making it extremely easy for journalists to report on your news or new product by providing easily accessible facts, images and other supporting assets. 

A key point to remember: the term "free PR" means that you don't pay for the space in the media to tell your story. 

It doesn't mean PR is free. But, wow, what a payoff when the right media outlet shines a light on a good company. 

Enjoy some media relations success stories enjoyed by O'Reilly DePalma clients:

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