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Better Public Relations Skyrockets Awareness of DXV by American Standard

The new luxury plumbing brand DXV by American Standard enjoyed significant public relations benefits during its launch by O'Reilly DePalma.


  • Garnered 580 million impressions for DXV through PR within 10 months, exceeding the objective by more than double.
  • 77% of coverage included an image.
  • 56% of coverage included a call-to-action
  • 53% of coverage generated an inbound link to DXV.com. 
  • We placed 10 feature exclusives about DXV in consumer and B2B media, earning more than 13 million impressions.

Scroll through PR highlights below:



From ConsumerReports.org (Read the full article here.) 


 Dwell.com did a beautiful slideshow of Susan Serra's DXV kitchen. See the slide showDwell-DXV,jpg


From CJ Dellatore (read the full interview with DXV Design Dignitary, Mary Douglas Drysdale



Mary also shared her DXV work with the DC Design blog. (Read more here.)

















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