Public Relations and Social Influencer Relations Skyrockets New Luxury Brand

Posted by Nora DePalma on Jun 11, 2014 6:28:00 PM

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Our client had a lot riding on the launch of a major new luxury brand for the residential and hospitality space. Overall awareness of our client as a luxury brand  was low. Building credibility in the design community at an affordable price was one of the many public relations benefits O'Reilly DePalma delivered for our client.



Develop an authentic base of support. 



Leading with social media carried some risks related to the exclusivity requirements of the traditional media. 

Our solution was to identify specific angles to the launch that we reserved as exclusives for public relations. 



  • Generated 2.7 million social impressions from 524 social and blog posts in the first 72 hours of the brand's “big reveal.” Dominant words on social:

  • Within the first 15 days of launch, we generated more than 7 million social impressions from 1,293 social and blog posts.
  • Client attained shelf space in premier showrooms with 12 months of launch. 
  • Garnered 580 million earned impressions to targeted audiences with key messages, exceeding objective by more than double.
  • Garnered 10 feature exclusives in B2C and B2B media within 12 months, building inbound links and earning more than 13 million impressions.
    • 77% of coverage included an image.
    • 56% of coverage included a call-to-action
    • 53% of coverage generated an inbound link. 



PR, social and influencer highlights below:



From (Read the full article here.) 

ConsumerReports-DXVsm did a beautiful slideshow of Susan Serra's DXV kitchen. See the slide showDwell-DXV,jpg


From CJ Dellatore (read the full interview with DXV Design Dignitary, Mary Douglas Drysdale




















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