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FloWise Showerheads Deliver the Goods with Less Guilt

Posted on November 16, 2009 by acwardell

Feel the force from a trio of new showerheads from American Standard that deliver an invigorating, satisfying soak while reducing water usage up to 40 percent.

The FloWise® showerheads are about comfort and convenience as well as water conservation. The key to their construction is a small turbine-like mechanism that spins the water stream through the head to create a powerful, energizing spray. When the three-function showerhead is turned off, it automatically returns to the ultra water savings mode of 1.5 gpm, making it perfect for any home.

The FloWise showerheads are currently available in a variety of finishes, including Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel, Polished Brass and Blackened Bronze. New styles will be available shortly, expanding the design selection to coordinate with additional patterns in the American Standard bath lines.

Visit the American Standard Media Page for more information, press release and downloadable images.


Stay Clean While Going Green with H2Option

Posted on November 15, 2009 by acwardell

American Standard created the first truly siphonic dual flush toilet with its exclusive H2Option that saves water while achieving high performance.

American Standard recently introduced H2Option, the first truly jetted siphonic dual flush toilet. Using as little as 1.0 gallon of water on the low setting, H2Option scours the sides of the bowl to remove every last trace of paper and waste. Plus, the H2Option toilet is WaterSense®-certified for its water-efficiency results.

H2Option uses jetted siphonic action, which adds push to the water from under the rim of the bowl. When the user flushes H2Option, some of the water is instantly diverted to the rim where there are a series of chambers. The air in the chambers pushes the ongoing coming water forcefully out into the bowl. Combined with the force of the rest of the water entering the bowl, the siphon pull action is strong. The bowls of H2Option are a normal slope with a generous water spot.

According to American Standard’s Water Savings Calculator, replacing a 1.6 gallon per flush toilet with H2Option saves 1,400 gallons of water per year, enough to fill three hot tubs. There are 15 states that have rebates available for purchasing high efficiency toilets, according to American Standard’s Rebate Locator.

Visit the American Standard Media Page for more information, press release and downloadable images.


My Home, My Money Pit

Posted on May 28, 2009 by Nora DePalma

O’Reilly DePalma principal Nora DePalma and writer Aimee Oscamou are acknowledged for our roles as researchers and content managers for “My Home, My Money Pit” a comprehensive book on home improvement.

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