What Brands Can Learn From the BlogHer 2012 Expo

New York, NY — Last week, I provided a preview of BlogHer 2012. Now comes the report on the creative brand engagement strategies I saw at this conference and expo that attracted more than 5,000 blogging women:

The Pfizer Rockettes event at BlogHer 2012
Pfizer arranged for a select group of BlogHer 2012 attendees to take a dance class with the famed Rockette's at Radio City Music Hall.

Most creative booth execution: the launch of Lysol Power & Free. They had two comedians, including one with a guitar who made up funny songs on the spot about all the bloggers, all ending with the same bouncy chorus repeating the product name over and over. Lysol was among several exhibitors who had places for bloggers to sit and recharge devices drained by all the tweets, Instagrams, and Facebook posts going on. There was a full bottle of Power & Free in every one of the 5,000 attendee bags.

Best all around: Pfizer. They had the largest expo floor footprint, but not all in one spot. They engaged with us in different ways—including my personal highlight—a dance lesson with the Rockettes in the rehearsal studios backstage at Radio City Music Hall. The experiences were different, but all were focused on a consistent message about wellness and aging. We were encouraged to visit their new website,

See more in the slideshow. In the meantime, here are five tips that building products brands can learn from the powerhouse marketers at BlogHer:

1.    The vibe is very much “girls weekend away,” so the more fun, the better. Informational booths had the slowest traffic, while massages, manicures and fun places to take pictures had lines and crowds.

What do manicures have to do with computer accessories? Nothing. Manicures have to do with building relationships. Make people feel good!

2.    Giveaways and contests were the second most-popular attraction, as were food samples.

3.    Make it easy to share, provide images and video…and don’t forget your logo.

4.    Flattering images will be shared. Does-this-make-me-look-fat pictures will not. Think about this when you ask bloggers to wear your t-shirts.

5.    Start the dialogue and use it to create conversational content. (See the Pfizer Get Old wall in the slide show.)

The creativity behind the brands at BlogHer12?  Nearly all the agencies on the scene were public relations agencies. Not ad agencies, not brand shops. PR people get this influence-building thing.  When it comes to blogger relations, it's advantage: public relations.

Update: Our report from BlogHer was also highlighted on the PR Weekly blog. Follow the link to view the post and access additional BlogHer coverage.


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