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NKBA Names O'Reilly DePalma and Flying Camel to Lead PR and Social Media

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), the premiere association for kitchen and bath professionals appointed O'Reilly DePalma and Flying Camel Advertising + PR to lead public relations and social media serving 60,000 members in the United States and Canada.


“NKBA was impressed with what O'Reilly DePalma and Flying Camel are bringing to KBIS, and invited them to bring the same creative approach to leading the association marketing initiatives,” said Bill Darcy, Chief Executive Officer, NKBA.

O’Reilly DePalma will lead on all NKBA public relations strategy and initiatives. “We want the spirit of our agency collaboration on NKBA and KBIS to inspire the entire industry to a new way of doing business, with a focus on delighting customers through open innovation,” said Nora DePalma, principal, O’Reilly DePalma. “Having served as the NKBA Director of Marketing in the past, I understand the incredible value that the association brings to its members and the industry as a whole. And that’s only going to grow in the coming years.”

Flying Camel Advertising + PR is the first Canadian agency to serve the NKBA with an exclusive focus on the Canadian market, as well as leading the association’s social marketing and visual branding. “We’re thrilled to deliver a singular focus on the Canadian kitchen and bath market,” said Leanne Wood-Newman, principal of Flying Camel. “We have a thriving NKBA community in Canada and look forward to raising awareness among Canadian consumers about the benefits of working with NKBA members.”

Nora DePalma

Principal of the O'Reilly DePalma agency. Native Jersey Girl now living near Atlanta, GA. On planes a lot. Able to see life as amusing roughly 80% of the time.

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