Lisa Woodward has worked almost 30 years for marketing communication companies that specialize in serving manufacturers of building products and services.

Key positions include JMB Realty Corporation (1982 – 1985), First Capital Financial Corporation (1985 – 1986), Loran Nordgren & Company (1986 – 2004), serving as Production Manager and then Director of Operations, LNC Communications (2004 – 2009) then owned by John O’Reilly. Currently working with O’Reilly/DePalma and Peg Paul & Associates, serving as Project Manager for both agencies.

Born and Bred: Southside of Chicago. Go White Sox! (sorry, John, but not really) Frankfort, IL for the past 20 years.

Best Part of Your Job: Seeing a project through from start to finish and knowing we did an awesome job to help our client succeed.

Favorite Cartoon Character: Snoopy & Woodstock and the whole Peanuts gang.

Most Memorable High School Moment: Taking 1st place in a Mechanical Drawing Competition. I was 1 girl out of 85 guys who competed. The guys were not happy they were beaten by a girl. Girl power!

One Word that Describes You Best: Detailed. (Because anal-retentive is technically two words).

Impactful Influencers: My daughters, I think they have taught me more about life in general than I have taught them.

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