Heather McCune has more than 25 years of editorial and marketing experience in the residential construction industry. Heather was long-time editorial director and editor-in-chief of Professional Builder, Professional Remodeler, Custom Builder, Housing Giants, and HousingZone.com, and previously served as editor of Supply House Times and Plumbing & Mechanical.

In addition to her work at O’Reilly/DePalma, Heather also serves as director of marketing for an international architecture, planning and interior design firm, setting marketing strategy, leading a redesign of corporate identity, creating website and direct mail campaigns and also leading internal communications efforts.

Born and Bred: Midwestern through and through; Iowa born, Illinois raised

Most Memorable Industry Moment: My first Habitat for Humanity build sponsored by Professional Builder at the International Builders’ Show in Atlanta, 2002. Friends for life from a labor-filled week.

Ed Cred: B.A., Journalism, Indiana University.

Seen and Been Seen: Speaker/presenter at numerous industry conferences & seminars, including International Builders Show, Pacific Coast Builders Conference, Presidential Seminar, Benchmark, etc. Never been accused of needing a microphone to speak in public.

Most Memorable Grade School Moment: Figuring out I was as smart, and probably smarter, than my sixth-grade teacher.

Most Memorable College Moment: I would guess the ones I’m least able to recall.

Impactful Influencers: John O’Reilly, my first boss and, since 1988, my partner and spouse; Dean Horowitz, another boss and friend; Katharine Graham, lifelong hero.

Dogs or Cats?: Allergic to both, living with both; so sure.

Favorite Things: John, Jacqueline, Dylan and books.


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