Nora DePalma, Principal and Chief Analytics Officer


Nora DePalma leads the O'Reilly DePalma inbound marketing, digital, social and analytics practices. 

Starting her career as a journalist, Nora migrated to brand marketing communications, where she discovered the power of lead generation to successfully increase sales--and demonstrate results--while being vastly outspent by competitors in media advertising. 

Nora made the move to digital during the heydey of Web 1.0, and was an early-adopter of social media while building her first agency, Building Profits. The agency merged with John O'Reilly's LNC Communications in 2009. 

Career and Brand ExperienceAmerican Standard | Coverings | Decorative Products International | Global Shop | Goody Hair Products | Huntington Learning Center | Hy-Lite Windows | JADO | KBIS | Minwax | Money Pit Media | Mr. Steam | NKBA | Noritz America | Porcher | Safety Tubs | Rheem Water Heating | Trane

Born and Bred: Jersey Shore. Not that Jersey Shore

Favorite Things: The Daily Show, Mad Men, first class upgrades

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