One of our most important responsibilities is managing the assets entrusted to O’Reilly/DePalma by our clients – that is, the dollars in their marketing communications budgets. In the current state of the building industry, that job remains as critical as ever, given the dramatically shrunken state of most marketing budgets. Our role is to expend those precious assets carefully, while also maximizing their impact in the marketplace.

Our solution: Employ experienced account managers with deep industry knowledge, extensive project experience and long-time relationships with key industry influencers and journalists.  These managers, in turn, marshal the human and physical assets required to meet particular client communications needs in a timely and effective manner, but always in line with budget parameters.  Building teams that blend employees and strategic partners creates the ideal scenario for our clients: exceptional talents, insights and skills always ready to serve and brought to bear — in the interests of cost control — when truly needed.

The name of the game these days is to generate the biggest bang with the fewest bucks. Our cohort of accomplished strategic partners allows us to meet these expectations, delivering measurable results that achieve both marketing and budgetary goals. In doing so, we remain faithful to our own mission of managing the client’s budget as if it were our own.