Designer Engagement


How Does Better PR Attract the Design Community to your Brand? 

Social Influencers, Events, Industry Shows

Design and construction — the two segments form one industry, and many brands play on both sides. O’Reilly DePalma operates in the sweet spot, where the two worlds overlap.

By leveraging our relationships and experience to touch influencers and drive brand awareness in the design community, we bring together two groups of people for their mutual benefit.

Designer Event Activations

First we attract attendance. Then we earn ongoing communications. 

From engaging special events that provide memorable hands-on experiences to ongoing helpful product knowledge and inspirational touch points, O'Reilly DePalma builds authentic relationships between specifiers and your brand.  


Thought Leadership

We bring design innovation to life 

Awards, speaking engagements, media interviews and project coverage are tactics that influence luxury and lifestyle brand purchasers. 

One Home Remodel. 40 Million Impressions 

By Nora DePalma 

Embarking on a major remodel in a historic home meant that tech entrepreneurs Côme Laguë and Charlene Li had a lot of decisions to make. One of the easiest ones was working with O'Reilly DePalma clients.

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