Search-Optimized Content Attracts Active Buyers to Client Products and Solutions

Posted by Nora DePalma on Dec 16, 2016 1:44:53 AM

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O’Reilly DePalma created a winning content marketing strategy for our spa bathroom client anchored in its optimized blog. Business outcomes were so strong, this blog  earned  an Honorable Mention along with a Coca-Cola blog in the 2016 PR News magazine’s Social Media Awards. That's a nice place to be. 

SteamTherapy launched in 2012, was created by O’Reilly DePalma to provide MrSteam with a much-needed thought leadership and organic search advantage to the brand in the kitchen and bath industry.



The challenge for MrSteam was overcoming incredibly low category awareness for home steam showers, among both consumers and interior design professionals. Traditional public relations activities had its limits in terms of educating prospective customers. While steam shower generators deliver a beautiful experience, they do not make for beautiful images alongside elegant tile, lighting and vanities, that often steal the show (and reader's attention).  

By creating the SteamTherapy blog, O’Reilly DePalma developed a new inbound marketing platform where MrSteam could engage viewers with information that active purchasers regularly seek out, rather than solely relying on visually-dictated content. 


Attract active purchasers as measured by:
  1. An increase in total website visits
  2. Percent who register online via a registration event 


In preparation for launching SteamTherapy, O’Reilly DePalma invested time in researching keywords, used to increase search engine optimization (SEO) and achieve top, organic placement on Google “page one” searches. This research was not limited to only brand-specific keywords. Strategically, category keywords were also targeted to attain top search results; thus helping to build a database of over 279 potential keywords for post optimization.


Cultivating relevant, educational content for four blog posts each month became key to driving awareness and preference for the brand. Keyword research and an ongoing relationship between O’Reilly DePalma and the MrSteam customer service team was used to help identify the most important consumer questions; serving as the primary information to be addressed in the SteamTherapy blog posts. This content was designed to attract both consumer and designer prospects with specific calls to action. The second content channel tapped into steam and spa bathrooms as part of the overall wellness trend. Keyword research and editorial judgment were used to create wellness content that appealed to the consumer purchase profile for spa-like bathrooms at home.   


  • Consistently attained Google “top three” organic search result for 189 relevant search terms (including 50 unbranded keywords for MrSteam and its products).
  • Increased website traffic 49% year over year.
  • Attracted more than 300 qualified registrations, 60% of whom were homeowners and 40% were designers and remodelers. 

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