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Howie Mandel and the ActiClean Toilet Generates Big Wins for the Client

How a celebrated and hilarious germaphobe launched a pioneering self-cleaning toilet witj the help of better PR.

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The goal of this celebrity campaign was to drive awareness and purchase intent for ActiClean, a new self-cleaning toilet from American Standard. 


    • Position ActiClean as a product that makes people’s lives healthier and easier by enlisting celebrity “germaphobe” Howie Mandel to help us tell the story..

    • Leveage earned media  and social media programming with Howie to drive awareness of the self-cleaning product value proposition through a satellite media tour, targeted B2B and B2C interviews. 

    • Produce the ActiClean Patrol contest on social media to find the ultimate ‘clean freak with" Howie Mandel personally delivering an ActiClean to the home of the winner.FB_IMG_1474584768412.jpg

    • Connect Howie to customers to advance awareness of ActiClean among retail store associates and among bath showrooms at KBIS 2017. 



    • Connect Howie to employess to celebrate the breakthrough launch.




  • 423% increase to key customer product page within 13 days of media tour launch with Howie.
  • 371.9 million media impressions in 90 days, including a mention on Access Hollywood.
  • Social impressions foe $9/CPM and $0.33 per engagement.

 Bulldog Reporter awarded the campaign a Silver and Bronze in its 2017 Media Relations Awards in the categories of  Best Use of Personality/Celebrity and Best New Product Launch – Consumer. 



Nora DePalma

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